Cultureland is a foundation that organizes creative work periods, projects and activities at the cutting edge of culture and nature. Cultureland started the Artist In Residence program in 2017, giving artists time and space to develop work relating to the (urban) landscape and (natural) environment. In 2021 Cultureland will be ON HOLD.

Maud Aarts
Dagobert Bergmans


Cultureland has ANBI status; RSIN  857737995
Triodosbank  NL20TRIO0338773924
KVK 69107599


The Cultureland Artist in Residency program starts in Amsterdam, where the artist or researcher can explore the cultural and scientific life that the city has to offer. We organize a kick-off meeting with the artist to meet other professionals and to start a conversation about the project. After this introduction, the artist retires for a production period at a rural location called Buitenwerkplaats in the Starnmeer. Buitenwerkplaats is surrounded by typical Dutch polder landscape. In the studio there is room to produce and reflect on the project. Halfway the residency the artist presents work in progress in the Storefront 181, a former shop on the Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181.  Finally, the artist returns to Amsterdam to finalize the residency. The residency is finalized by an “artist talk”, the proces and produce of the residency are displays to reflect on the findings.


Cultureland provides private live/work space in both Amsterdam and at Buitenwerkplaats. A bike for local transport is available at both locations. Also there is a budget of € 500,- for material costs during the residency. Receipts of those materials need to be handed to the organisation. Cultureland does not offer a fee for the residents, so the artist pays for food and travel costs themselves. There is one artist in Amsterdam and one at Buitenwerkplaats. The majority of time is spent working independently , but there will be opportunities for the artists to meet.


The cultureland Artist In Residence Program has no other goal than:

  • For the artist to get inspired and be able to produce and research on the topic of culture and nature, or the urban vs. rural area.
  • For cultureland to establish a portfolio of projects on this topic with which we can reach and inspire other professionals.
  • To build a professional network of artists, researchers and all interested in this topic.
  • We will try to attract a public for the work and also donations to cultureland foundation in order to keep on offering this program.


To help achieve the goals, the artist is asked:

  • A photo and a text on the project for the website, before arrival.
  • Although the focus during the residency is on research and experimentation, we ask for a life presentation of your cultureland We invite people to this presentation by mail and local announcements together with you. We will provide some drinks on this event.
  • Also making display about you and your project in the Storefront at Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181 is obligated. This storefront is a former shopwindow on the public street with a cross-section of Amsterdam residents that pass-by every day. The measurements of the storefront are approximately 1.85 m high and 2.4 m wide on each side of the front-door. The depth of the storefront-space is 0.6 m.
  • An A3 (420 x 297 mm) piece of work such as a drawing, painting, image, text or 3D work, to stay in Amsterdam, adding to a series of cultureland air

A photo (without text) and a text on the project towards the end of the work period, in order for us to announce the presentation in a newsletter and for the website.


Cultureland is a foundation that organizes creative work periods, projects and activities at the cutting edge of culture and nature because we think that it’s time to fundamentally rethink our relationship to nature. Cultureland strives for a world of beauty and consolation for all. Cultureland believes that a good residency is a period for research and reflection. Cultureland offers space for projects exploring the relationship between culture and nature. The relation between human cultures and nature changes constantly. By cultivating the wilderness ages ago to feed ourselves, we have become able to spend our time differently­. We enabled different sorts of labour to appear, trade, crafts, science, philosophy, etc. Mankind has developed at such high pace that we have come to believe we are superior in the natural chain. However, recent insights into the effects of our behaviour and the enormous negative impact we have on the earth, should make us slightly more modest…we have to fundamentally rethink our relationship to nature. Can we still view nature as a source of inspiration and contemplation? Will there be enough food for the world’s population in the future? How should we approach biodiversity, and what does it mean to live sustainably? Cultureland believes these questions are urgent and cannot always be answered straightforwardly. New paths have to be explored, by research and experimentation. There are many projects in which the economical and commercial perspectives to these questions are explored. At Cultureland we provide space for the more philosophical or creative approach. Projects that might not have instant solutions or rational outcomes, but that may be reflective, provocative or inspiring for others. The outcome should reach further than protest; we wish to have a positive and energizing impact on the earth.

Composer's Treat

Composers’ Treat is a program for composers since 2016. In this program composers are treated on a working break at Buitenwerkplaats, the program is curated by Aspasia Nasopoulou. She invites a fellow composer for a working break at the Buitenwerkplaats. Talented composers who work under difficult circumstances in any way can make a trip in this way. To return to the core of their passion, or to gain new energy for a step in their musical development. A week to come up with new projects, or to complete an ongoing project. A week with a view, close to nature, rounded off with a public presentation.

The composer will be linked to musicians living in the Netherlands, or to an artist from a different field. Many different forms of cooperation are conceivable, because Aspasia believes that the power of the experiment is necessary to move forward with the discipline. The goal is to stimulate artistic talent to develop. Now, because we need art and artist.

Artists are curious, artists are sceptics.
Artists are brave, artists don’t fail
Artist have a point of view
Artists pauze for thought

Will Gompertz

Do you know a composer who really deserves such a ‘Composer’s Treat’ for a boost in his artistic development? Would you like to support this program, financially or in another way? Let us know!

2020 Fojan Gharibnejad

2019 Merlijn Twaalfhoven

2018  Jasna Velickovic

2017 Anna Veismane

2016 Maria Christina Krithara



The Cultureland foundation has no commercial ambitions with its activities whatsoever. The Dutch Tax Administration has designated the foundation to be a “Public Benefit Organisation” (ANBI). The costs for the activities of the foundation are funded by private gifts, donations and sponsorship, and most of the work involved is done voluntarily. We would like to mention a few people on this page. We are Dagobert Bergmans and Maud Aarts. We are the founders of Cultureland and are responsible for running the project. We are spatial designers, living and working in both Amsterdam and Buitenwerkplaats, out in the polder. Therefore we have expertise, experience and networks in both worlds, the urban fabric and the agricultural landscape. The quality of life in both worlds is of our concern, the way humankind is dealing with the environment and nature needs special care and attention. We hope to support creative thinking by literally giving space. Fortunately, we are not alone! Cultureland board: As writen in the Cultureland Statutes of Foundation, none of the board members are paid. We warmly thank the board for their contribution to the Cultureland foundation:

  • Berith Danse (chairwoman)
  • Marielle Lapidaire (secretary)
  • Michiel van der Kaaij (vice-chairman)
  • Jan Dekker (treasurer)
  • Carly Everaert (member)

The work of Cultureland is made possible by the regular contributions of:

  • Aspasia Nasopoulou (founder and curator of Composer’s Treat)
  • Gina Moen (promotor)

If you would also like to be involved, please send us your contact info and field of expertise!