Fojan Gharibnejad *

I’m Fojan Gharibnejad, made of flesh and skin. I’m black. I was born and raised in  35°41’39.8″N, 51°25’17.44″E  and I’m a  51°20’22.63″N, 12°22’16.64″E based Artist.

The body of an artist is obsessed by the obligation to exhibit itself in order to be able to be something. The Choice of the body as a means of expression is an attempt to deal with something repressed.

I’m interested into bringing the theme of physical and emotional pain into the actual interplay of human intersubjectivity. The composition, the performance should open itself to a number of interpretations. The feeling of presence can only operate through sound. Sound has a key role in changing the perceived realism, while at the same time stimulating imagination and Fantasies.

I compose identity… I perform subjectivity… I discuss gender and provoke sexuality .

Fojan Gharibnejad is the composer and performer for 2020 Composer’s Treat.

Fojan Gharibnejad is a Kurd-Iranian Composer. She was born in Tehran in 1995, started with Music when she was 4 years old and graduated from Tehran Music school as a violinist in 2013. Besides her continuously privately musical training, she got also her Diploma from Nadere -Haghshenas Fine Arts Highschool in 2014 and entered the Tehran Art University, College of Music. Since Nov 2015 she is studying composition in Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn. She was granted scholarship by Deutschlandstipendium in 2018 and is the artistic director of Ensemble Contemporary Insights. Gharibnejad works as a research assistant in Museum of Musical Instruments Leipzig and is an active member of Centre for Present-Day Music Leipzig and Institute for Gender-Studies. From 2017-2019 she worked as an organizer and researcher at French-German Colloquium “Interprètes et compositrices en France et en Allemagne: approches analytiques, sociologiques et historiques “. She was commissioned by AUDITIVVOKAL Dresden in 2019 to write a Dialogue Composition for “New vocal music for a European dialogue”. Fojan Gharibnejad’s works have been performed in various Festivals such as Darmstadt Ferienkurse, ZfGM Festival, Unerhörte Musik, Spectrum, Kalv Festival etc.

Surprise performance:  Sunday 1 March in Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam concert series at Plein theater at 15:00.
Special guest: the opera director Miranda Lakerveld.

Fojan’s Unerhörte Performance