Arvid Jense & Marie Caye

Humanity’s landscape is our technology. Our trace on planet Earth is now unquestionable. Yet, at the same time, individuals lose grasp of the mechanisms behind technology: the black boxes, like magic, simply connect to the network.

We believe in the internet.

We worship progress.

Technology is becoming a new nature and a new religion.

We are curious to explore how we desperately attempt to understand what has become too complex: AI, high frequency trading,… Religion after all is a narrative to explain the unexplainable. Our intention is to explore Amsterdam’s cultural tumult and observe techno-religious occurrences that affect the land: the tripadvisor reviews influencing shops, mass urban surveillance as an invasive species, compulsive selfie culture around landmarks, transformations of farmland for computational farming etc.

Translating one phenomenon in a physical artifact to materialise these elusive cultural processes in the landscape they transform. By presenting it as a post-archeological finding emerging from the flatness of the farmland, it becomes a reflection of how we lost (or found) ourselves in (and with) Technology. Pieces to be discovered as witnesses of our civilization, because the apocalypse is already happening.