Jasna Velickovic *

* Composers’ Treat is a program curated by Aspasia Nasopoulou

Remote Me for 2 remotes and 3 coils

The guest for 2018 Composer’s Treat is the composer and performer Jasna Velickovic. Jasna will stay from 29 of April for one week at Buitenwerkplaats to work on a new piece for velicon and percussion, collaborating with the percussionist Marijn Korff de Gidts.

Velicon is Jasna’s most recent performing setup made out of permanent magnets and coils as part of her ongoing artistic research whose aim is the creation of tools that facilitate playing on instruments or objects using the transformative acoustic possibilities of electromagnetic field.

The final gathering with performance and presentation will take place on the 20th of May in the venue De Ruimte.

Composition Remote Me for 2 remotes and 3 coils, composed during the Composer’s Treat, is selected for ISCM World Music Days in Thallin, Estonia. It will be performed again May 2019 by a musician from the Estonian electronic music ensemble.

Jasna Velickovic won the 28th Irino Prize (2007) in Tokyo. Last Song (for percussion quartet) was nominated for the Dutch Toonzetters Award (2011), received a recommendation at the Unesco Rostrum of Composers (2011) and selected for the ISCM World Music Days (2012). In 2012 she was a finalist of the ECPNM Live-Electronics Competition.