For Composer’s Treat Cultureland works together with Aspasia Nasopoulou. She invites a fellow composer for a working break at the Buitenwerkplaats. Talented composers who work under difficult circumstances in any way can make a trip in this way. To return to the core of their passion, or to gain new energy for a step in their musical development. A week to come up with new projects, or to complete an ongoing project. A week with a view, close to nature, rounded off with a public presentation.

The composer will be linked to musicians living in the Netherlands, or to an artist from a different field. Many different forms of cooperation are conceivable, because Aspasia believes that the power of the experiment is necessary to move forward with the discipline. The goal is to stimulate artistic talent to develop. Now, because we need art and artist.

Artists are curious, artists are sceptics.
Artists are brave, artists don’t fail
Artist have a point of view
Artists pauze for thought

Will Gompertz

Do you know a composer who really deserves such a ‘Composer’s Treat’ for a boost in his artistic development? Would you like to support this program, financially or in another way? Let us know!

2020 Fojan Gharibnejad

2019 Merlijn Twaalfhoven

2018  Jasna Velickovic

2017 Anna Veismane

2016 Maria Christina Krithara