Natasha Bird

Natasha Bird *1985

The project investigates the Starnmeerpolder both as a man-made machine and biological entity, through a series of mechanical, sculptural and moving-image experiments. Considering the polder as a cyborg body, the work reflects on its object-based mechanics (such as pumps and filters) hand in hand with its specific organic ecosystem. Natasha will present a series of new works on biological machinery, mussels and future food.

Natasha Bird (1985) is an artist living and working in London. Her video work and sculptural objects are concerned with ideas of flow and stagnation and their potential for production, both in historical and present day real-world technologies, as well as sci-fi and fantastical narratives. Recent shows include Testbed Alice at the Old Waterworks, Southend, and Rose Tower at the Kennington Residency, London.

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