Agnieszka Kozlowska


Agnieszka Kozlowska *1985

Polders in North Holland act as geological windows, revealing older marine deposits from the time when the sea regularly washed over the land during high tide and storm surges. Today, coastal management projects ensure that the two elements – the sea and the land – stay firmly separated. Agnieszka metaphorically reconnects them by performing a walk from Starnmeer to the coast and back on the longest day of the year. She carries a self-constructed large format camera which she uses on the shore to expose for a period of several hours a piece of light-sensitive material made using soil from the polder as a pigment.

Agnieszka Kozlowska (1985) is a Polish artist and researcher who produces most of her work in remote natural environments, especially mountains. Her practice explores the potential of photography to produce physical traces rather than only images. She continuously researches unconventional light-sensitive materials that allow her to make unique photographic artefacts directly in the camera. Fascinated with the moment of photographic exposure, when a tangible link is formed between the light-sensitive surface and the physical world, she uses imperfect techniques that make palpable the struggle of material to form a photographic image.

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