Shishani Vranckx & Samaa Roseboom

we are our landscape: love in the Lowlands

Shishani Vranckx *1987 and Samaa Roseboom *1990

Love in the Lowlands is audio-visual work that examines the theme of ‘belonging’ in the Netherlands. We situate ourselves in the Dutch landscape as two queer immigrant lovers with African decent. Our work researches our connection to Dutch landscapes and its relation to us. During our residency we look at layers of representation and our association to Dutchness.  In this context we flirt with safety and insecurity, acceptance and rejection, belonging and alienation, privilege and pains and the reclaiming of our history, dignity and truth in these spaces. Through visual arts, movement, spoken word and song in a short movies and pictures we portray our process of ‘rooting’ and ‘making home’ of places we struggle(d) to feel as ours. This research proces has sparked us to make our shortmovie “Shades of Orange” with Rosa Boesten (work in progress).

website Shishani Vranckx from Namibia/Belgium; Music, anthropology, musicology: Shishani Vranckx

Namibian Tales by Shishani Vranckx

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instagram Samaa Roseboom from the Netherlands; Fashion designer