Becky Brewis

Becky Brewis *1989

I would make a series of drawings in response to Starnmeer. My work is about the layers of
human experience that places accumulate over time and the images that get left behind when
life moves on. On this residency I would research the landscape and cultural history of polders,
using the idea of a land reclaimed from water as an analogue for the relationship between the
conscious and the unconscious mind.
There is a longing by urban bourgeois people to escape to nature and I believe that this comes
from a deeper desire to reconnect with a sense of place. In modern culture, our sense of place
is increasingly attenuated because of our continually being pulled out of the present by access
to our own ‘worlds’ via the internet and the emphasis on travel as a way of getting to know the
Increasingly, we do not live in the places we grew up in: where we formed our relationship with
the world around us. In no longer living alongside our memories – and those of our parents and
grandparents – we are at risk of losing that part of ourselves that connects us with our
surroundings. This idea would be the starting point for my reflections on ‘the end of nature as
we know it’.

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