Nano Valdes


Nano Valdes*1969

The man-made landscape surrounding Buitenwerkplaats reminds Nano of how everything is interconnected. It really is a system in which any variation in one part affects all the rest. It ignited a series of ideas for works and projects on pulse, referring to interconnectivity, but also to the difficulty that the human being has to connect with the real. One of the pulse projects he made during Cultureland residency is a three-dimensional interpretation of the mathematical formula created by Edward Lorenz to understand the convection rolls that are produced in the atmosphere. This formula becomes a demonstration of the interaction of terrestrial natural phenomena.


Nano Valdes (1969) is a Spanish artist from Mallorca. In the nineties he studied sculpture in Barcelona, where he won first prize with his work “Dissolution /Combination”. In his formative years the concept of sculptural action became very important: a mixture of performance and sculpture. Since around 2000 limit is the central object of investigation. He has been living and sailing across the Mediterranean on his own sailboat Bora since 2003. Art and navigation are the defining aspects in his life.

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