Stefan Nestoroski


Stefan Nestoroski *1989

“My infatuation with the garden has almost no history. Never before have I given gardens much thought; I have never had one, and it’s been decades since I last planted anything. Despite this, I become fascinated with them – of all times and places – in Amsterdam, in the middle of December.”

Of Gardens (working title) is conceived as a video-essay: a broad, free-flowing meditation on the notion of a garden. It is a trial of the imagination, a work defined by the impossibility of simply filming a luxuriant, spring-blooming garden in January.


Stefan Nestoroski (1989) is a Macedonian visual artist living and working in Rome, Italy. His work is the result of a twofold curiosity – interest divided between inquiries about the nature of human perception and cognizance and a broader inquisitiveness around the history of ideas and the history of cultural production in general.

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