Siobhán Humston


Siobhán Humston*1967

“During my Cultureland residency I have been inspired by the exquisite graphic beauty of the polder areas, imagining the changes that the land and water have experienced over the centuries. I am interested in this transformation, what soil, water and human hands produce and the often overlooked aspects of natural beauty. From these considerations, I have made a series of graphite drawings, a fibre arts piece sewn with found elements and a small but substantial sculpture created by threading together over a thousand of artichoke parachutes.”

Siobhan Humston (1967) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She holds an undergrad degree in printmaking from Crawford College of Art & Design in Ireland and was recently awarded an MFA (Art & Environment) with distinction from Falmouth University in the UK. Her life-long love of the natural environment coupled with a concern for its welfare fuels her desire to make art that may stimulate observers to question their own connection to or disconnection from nature. She attempts to use environmentally sensitive working methods, keeping in mind that ‘Art is an inseparable and essential part of human life.” (Grace McCann Morley)

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