Hyojun Hyun

we are our landscape: L’Étranger

(The title taken from Albert Camus’s literature.)

Hyojun Hyun *1983

I would like to explore various kinds of pictorial languages inspired by Amsterdam’s city landscape. More specifically, I will investigate the history of abstract forms and how they appear in everyday urban life. The idea could come from commercial posters, anonymous signs and random marks on the wall. Or, it could be just simple component of painting such as line, colour, texture and rhythm that would be found in the landscape of Amsterdam. I usually get ideas through walking around the city, or visiting certain places such as former industrial area, abandoned buildings, even brothels, which I expect to find in Amsterdam. This process is totally psychological experience for me, not just looking visually attractive forms outside. I will look for specific moment when familiar scenes changed into something special, which would give me the guideline to start work.

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