Aya Zamir

we are our landscape

Aya Zamir *1984

My project proposal for the Cultureland residency program is a
 series of paintings inspired by photographs of the world today: 
what I see as destruction and beauty. My work process involves 
photographing and printing photos that represent different 
qualities from my daily surroundings; collecting visual references 
from the media; and processing them all into oil paintings. In 
past works of mine I have digitally destroyed photos, damaging
 their data. In my current project, I would like to work on
 landscapes that are destroyed by man and in that way their 
natural data was already changed. 
In the Netherlands, I am curious about the mass agriculture that 
is implemented; I would like to learn about it, view it more closely 
and refer to it in my work, as well as to other aspects of how the
 landscape changes outside of urban boundaries.
 “Tension”, “boundaries” and “connections” are palpable themes 
in my work. It is influenced by my upbringing: growing up during
 the privatization process of the rural socialist community 
(Kibbutz), and my participation in dialogues between Israelis and 
Palestinians, at a place that carries constant war tension. Both 
led my work to deal with these issues and refer to a complex

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