Alex Hackett

we are our landscape: peat

Alex Hackett *1991

The project is an investigation of particular peaty landscapes and the personal within ourselves, through gastronomy and writing. It draws on my current practice investigating parallels between ‘natural’ landscapes and our personal and emotional states. As such, how we can recognise aspects of ourselves within the landscape and the landscape within ourselves. This prompts a ‘becoming’ for us as humans, perhaps again, with the natural world, that takes a deeper engagement with landscape, instead of being considered purely visible elements of the land.

The project continues my practice as anthropogastronomer, using food as medium to express human emotions and sensations. The residency would involve a deeper investigation of the Dutch polder landscape, especially in relation to the peatlands of Scotland, investigating the integral wateriness that forms the land. Again, drawing parallels between landscape and the human, both holding a large percentage of water, but held together by solid matter. How can our experience of landscape be represented and imbibed through the use of gastronomy as a sensory tool? Can food preparation practices revive strong links between nature and culture? How can we experience the natural landscape by imbibing foods incorporating the texture, sensation and temporal elements of the physical landscape?

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