Alex Hackett

Patience and the grass shall become milk

Alex Hackett *1991

The temporality of the landscape is dominant in the Netherlands, in the continual renewal and adjustment of boundaries of land and water, the tenuous relationship between salt and sweet waters and transformation of liquid and solid matter.

Through text, gastronomy and sculpture, Alex Hackett examines topics including: cheese-making as domestic rebellion, stability and rooting in the dunescape, the aging of cheese, and preservation of the self.

Parallels are investigated between elements of what we consider ‘natural’ landscapes, the non-human and our personal emotional states. As such, how we can recognise aspects of ourselves within the landscape and the landscape within ourselves, leading to a reconsideration of dichotomies of nature and culture.

Alex Hackett is an artist, writer and anthropogastronomer currently living in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. She currently collaborates with artist and cosmoecologist Alix Villanueva on ‘Project Carrageenan‘, an investigation of the seaweed Carrageen and its location in tradition, culture and our contemporary food system. Alex Hackett has published writing and artist books with independent publishing house ‘Pearl Moss Press‘, exploring creative entanglements between the human and the non-human. Her work primarily addresses the relationship between what we consider natural and unnatural worlds, through an interdisciplinary approach.

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