Chao-tze Liu

The Land of the Wind, Between Shadow-and-Light, Towards the Blue Water

Chao-tze Liu *1991

Like the margin between the end of type on this page and the edge of the page itself, every beach is marginal, literally the marge, a limicole zone contested by wilderness and human order. — J.R. Stilgoe, What Is Landscape?

Thus, what does the margin of a photograph mean? What does it mean to “look at the view”? When we go outdoors to look at the panorama, there are all kinds of things coming into our eyes. The look of all of these things in our eyes, the patterns, the whole, we usually call them “landscape” or “view”. Landscape refers to the domain of light, like photographs carries the absorbed shadows; when there is an invitation to look at the view, that actually is an invitation of not-looking at any specific things, such as trees, rivers, or a meadow; but to look at the looking itself. Can the term “landscape” also become a verb, in the sense of seeing landscapes as a slow process of forming our beings in the world? If so, what did you see?

Liu Chao-tze 劉兆慈 (Taiwan, 1991) is a visual artist who mainly works with multimedia installation and publications. She completed her Master in Fine art at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2017.  She is the co-founder of Fotobook DUMIIES Day 傻瓜書日 and she currently lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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