Chao-tze Liu

we are our landscape: O, look at the view!

Chao-tze Liu *1991

When I was little, I need to learn drawing the Chinese ShanShui paintings at school, such as the dreamy airs and gurgling river and the spectacular curvy mountains. It’s already hard for a child, but gradually I found myself very confused. There aren’t places and mountains in Taiwan look like the ShanShui paintings, because apparently they only exist in mainland China! I was just actually drawing my fantasized and fictionalized landscape. For most of the Taiwanese, ShanShui paintings already become the collective memories in our mind. It constructs our identities as a Chinese but also interestingly contradicts with our nationalism complex. And of course, mountains are also a fantasy in The Netherlands where the landscapes is so flat as the pancakes. Therefore, as part of the residency in the Netherlands, I would like to focus on continuing my project O, LOOK AT THE VIEW! (2017) with the waterfall lightboxes in the way to explore the how we constructed our identity by the fantasized landscapes, and how do images play the roles in it. Moreover, to bring the question to the core research of how we see things through seeing itself and the essence of the landscape.

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