Brent Meistre & Russell Bruns

we are our landscape: Will Power & Shane Malone

Brent Meistre *1975 and Russell Bruns * 1987

Shane is an art agent and Will is his gallery handyman. Shane sells photographic prints in the old-world manner, from door-to-door and in public places. He is a mobile gallery, performing the print for art lovers and potential clients. Will is in the background helping set the scene.

Will and Shane are the manifestation of two South African artists, Brent Meistre and Russell Bruns. Their quasi-Eurocentric and pan-African schizo-heritages through their Dutch, English, Irish, Italian, Indian and Mauritian lineages construct selfhoods that are untethered, afloat and unfixed. They are like new cities, of no fixed identities, yet are inextricably connected through legacies, pathos and the lure of place. The gravitational pull of their ‘home land’ versus the alien trans-European landscape they now find themselves in, is explored in site-specific works by unravelling landscape and place through its foreground and background dichotomies.

They link the constant shifts and hybridity of identity to produce work both collectively and separately using cultural practices and social norms against themselves. By embodying two specific archetypes they construct their identities being shaped by transitioning though the urban, peri-urban and rural landscape, a return to the fictitious origin.