Katrin Maurer


Katrin Maurer *1975

“By written I mean made. And by made I mean felt.”  Gertrude Stein
Materials, impressions, information and emotional snapshots are instantly and intuitively taken, captured, printed, stored, reused or changed. The working processes are exploring the nature of repetition from two perspectives, the inner city and the polder countryside. The different themes – which are serving as a guideline in this project – result into an original theme in this double setting. The ‘I’ of culture and the ‘we’ of nature. The ‘we’ of culture and the ‘I’ of nature.
Katrin Maurer (1975) is an Austrian visual artist that lives and works in Amsterdam. The starting point for her work consists of the perception and experience of material and materiality on the one hand, and the use and understanding of language on the other. She transforms the use of found language material – fragments of literature and poetry, in combination with personal experiences and own texts and poems – to mostly large-scale, layered and modular installations.