Brent Meistre


Brent Meistre, *1975

The project uses both Amsterdam and Starnmeer as poles or points to create and narrate the story of a fictitious stranger, who will always be moving through and along the waterways. The work will explore the ‘life blood’ of the waterways and how this creates a flow of commerce, cultural practices and exchange of two places. The project also explores the link between the legacy of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and the Netherlands. It questions how the artist relates to this topic in the world of today.

Brent Meistre (1975) is a contemporary artist from South Africa. His work explores physical site and place as triggers for intersecting narratives. These evoke personal and collective traumas from pre-history to colonial legacies and to the contemporary present. His primary means of production include stop-motion animation and photographic practices. Sound and installation are used when it’s needed for the experiential work.

Brent Meistre on vimeo