Renata de Bonis

Renata de Bonis *1984

My research explores the concerns of overlapping distinct times and their contents, such as the unperceived geological-natural time and the fast-paced-time of modern affairs. I am interested in highlighting the paradox that inhabits the relationship of contemporary society with nature, in an attempt to generate awareness towards the aesthetic/political potency present in diminutive experiences and in a less immediate and competitive perception of reality. This train of thought reflects upon the materials I utilize, from appropriation of natural objects, such as found branches, drifting seaweeds, sunlight, and rocks, to the juxtaposed usage of everyday objects. The dialectic concerning sound and silence, and its materialization into perception, is also a key component of my installations. In my work there’s a need to give attention to the invisible, forgotten and insignificant, as a channel for reflection amidst our accelerated lifestyles. My practice has highlighted a simultaneously necessary and contradictory correspondence between the anthropocene and misanthropic vectors, an attempt to combine escapist-personal-desires and the urgency to be critically outspoken about the status of humanity in relationship to the environment, such correspondence can be seen throughout my sculptural and pictorial practice as well as in sound-pieces that investigate imageless sublime landscapes and aesthetic-ecologies.

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