Renata de Bonis

Renata De Bonis *1984

Renata De Bonis developed a new series of cyanotype works on fabric and cloth that address the ways we relate to, and perceive, nature and natural phenomena in midst of our contemporary world.

Using and subverting the technique of cyanotype, a traditional chemical process that registers light and luminous rays on paper, her recent works translate fragments of mundane conversations, a selection of banal weather reports, and other annotations on daily life, into large fabrics and cloths.

Finally, by the use of moonlight as matter and material, the catalyst for the cyanotype chemical reaction, rays of light become words, evoking and triggering a state of contemplation, and highlighting casual conversation in order to radiate the feeling of the sublime in face of the triviality of our existence.

Renata De Bonis is an artist living and working between São Paulo, Brazil, and Maastricht, Netherlands. She is currently concluding a PhD in Processes and Procedures in Contemporary Art at UNESP, São Paulo. In her work, through subtle gestures, and a strategic selection of materials, she draws attention to the apparently invisible, forgotten, and insignificant forces that inhabit our accelerated lives.

At the storefont now: Renata De Bonis Liset 2018

The final presentation of Renata de Bonis will be on Friday 28 December at 17.00 (doors open 16.30) Admiraal de Ruyterweg 181, Amsterdam

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