We proudly present the selection  2019/2020 (deadline june 2019)

Masami Saito (Japan)

Arvid Jense & Marie Caye (the Netherlands & France)

Isabella (Izzy) Liberti (USA/Italian)

Hyun A Cho (Korea)

Erica ferrari (Brasil) cancelled

Amy Pekal (Poland)

“we are our landscape”

The modern globe is constantly getting smaller. People fly enormous distances daily, buy products at the click of a button, and eat food grown in faraway climates. There is a constant flow of money and information around the world, day and night, faster and vaster than we can comprehend. The cities we live in are becoming super-diverse, with a multitude of cultures and lifestyles coexisting in close proximity.

Here in Amsterdam, where people come from across the globe to visit, live and work, you can hear countless languages when you walk down the street. In this urban space, identities are always mingling and mutating. But we all come from somewhere, and the landscapes we live in and travel through shape who we are.

We believe that we are our landscape, and we invite work that explores the influence of landscape on identity, heritage, difference and coexistence. Our physical environment, the way our ancestors confronted, shaped, and adapted to their natural surroundings, frames the development of our cultural, communal identities. And perhaps our personal identities, too, are framed by our personal experiences of the landscapes we grow up with and those we choose to settle in.

We want you to tell us about your landscape: describe its beauty, turn its long-kept secrets into poetry, fantasize and design its future, make sculptures that express its shape or sound compositions that give it a voice. We can’t wait to meet you and learn about the landscapes you bring with you!