Dominik Fleischmann

My photography/multi-media project Invisible Trees is dedicated to the hidden life of trees to change the way we look at these ancient creatures.

For a change of perspective, I will turn to the last cycle in a tree’s lifespan and to what appears dull, unresponsive and unwanted in the eyes of most humans: A snag. In forest ecology, the term snag means a standing, dead or dying tree. It is something rarely seen in the cityscape. But what the oblivious observer perceives as ugly, gloomy or sad, disconnected and lifeless is natures finest remedy. Inside of a dead tree exist more forms of life than when the oaks and birches, pines and yews stood in their full grandeur.

My project involves research around the hidden life of trees and the role of snags within the urban landscape in contrast to the natural environment. The starting point for my working methods is photography and writing but my artistic research will also rely on experiments with Virtual- and Argument Reality to make the secrets of trees tangible. My goal for the final outcome of the project is a multi-media exhibition that let’s the visitor explore and experience the wonders of a dying tree.

“No one sees trees. We see fruit, we see nuts, we see wood, we see shade. We see ornaments or pretty fall foliage. Obstacles blocking the road or wrecking the ski slope. Dark, threatening places that must be cleared. We see branches about to crush our roof. We see a cash crop. But trees – trees are invisible.”
― Richard Powers, The Overstory 

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