12:30 – 17:00





The Starnmeer used to be a lake until it was transformed to farmland by our ancestors 375 years ago. The current inhabitants have organised a festival to celebrate it! There are activities and games, there is plenty of music, theater, drinks  and  snacks. See full program here.

At the festival Cultureland will present several artprojects on the polder, its history and its beauty. You can study the history on a series of maps that are scattered over the festivalgrounds.

There are also ‘Artcabins’ with projects by artists that were our guests at Buitenwerkplaats in the Starnmeer for a month. They give a refreshing perspective to the polder and the making of it. You will find works by:

Claudio Beorchia
Nano Valdes
Shiobham Humbston
Markus Guschelbauer
Natasha Bird
Agnieszka Kozlowska

In our special movie-theater, you can see:

Brent Meistre: the river that became a road (2017)
Dominique Panhuysen: portrait of family Buis (2015)
Stephan Nestoroski: of gardens (2018)
Markus Guschelbauer: who is afraid of green? (2018)


In one of our ‘Artcabins’ at the festival Cultureland will present a complete overview of the 18 artists that were our guests until now, so come and meet us there! 

Cultureland is a foundation that organizes creative work periods, projects and activities at the cutting edge of culture and nature. Cultureland began an Artist In Residence program in January 2017, giving artists time and space to develop work relating to the landscape and natural environment.