Sera Chen – (Cancelled)

Cancelled due to Covid-19

Living in the city, trees, grass, and flowers on the streets, parks, or even indoor are all planted in artificial ways. With technology, we can make a simulation of climate for plants planted in a greenhouse, and thus we could have an indoor tropical forest in the temperate zone or the frigid zone. This phenomenon reveals that nature already became a special existence in our life after the industrial revolution. What is the real nature? Or what is the real form of nature? What does “Nature” mean in this contemporary era? How do we distinguish naturalness form artificiality?

The definition of nature is turning into a sort of remains; artworks are also a kind of cultural remains after humans’ creations and thoughts. Remains from history exist for future people. My forest for the future is constructed, artificial, and hybrid real and fake. It redefines the nature and offers intriguing images of a new relationship between human beings and nature; it is a prediction based on reality and history, a fusion and production of culture and nature. My project at the residency aims to create different visions and forms of nature, inviting viewers to walk in my immersive work, which like a forest, remains from the future.

video: The Naturalness I

video: The Naturalness II

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